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Date: 8/26/13

Subject: The Truth About Michael


You may have known Michael, the author of "The Present", at some level. It is what you do not know about his past that will take this unveiling effort, the apocalypse, to the next level. What you are about to find out will give you a new perspective on Michael’s true identity, what happened in his life, and how he learned the truth.

Michael grew up as part of the Illuminati, and he was heavily influenced and indoctrinated from an early age in all their ways. He was intended to be what some refer to as a "patsy" under a major mind-control experiment. The details as to what the experiment was will not be expounded upon, for it is what actually happened with Michael that is important.

You at New Order World have evolved enough to be told that Michael was part of the Illuminati, but somehow escaped the mental prison imposed upon him when he was in his 20s. He was on the run for a while, and was even institutionalized, going through many experiences you could hardly imagine. He had awoken to the truth due to his upbringing and natural intelligence.

From a young age, Michael had access to the secret knowledge that the Illuminati have been hiding from the masses for ages. Michael grew and evolved into truly understanding the inner, deepest meaning of this knowledge, far beyond what even the Illuminati members could comprehend. When Michael defected, he set out to share this knowledge freely with the rest of humanity. He started writing books and passing them out to strangers. He found much opposition, but he was finally able to publish his most complete and inspired revelations anonymously on the Internet in "The Present" at www.truthcontest.com.

This is how Michael came to be the seer that he was. You now know a part of Michael's history that you didn't know before, and it's time for other people to know about Michael and the importance of his writings. They will turn this world right-side up if enough people read and understand them. Release this message in its entirety on the New Order World webpage no later than 9/11/13. More shall be revealed...

~ Elijah





The New Order World project was started without any specific plans. I wondered why the inspiration for it was coming through me. I have felt the notion of "if you build it, they will come" all along, and it looks like something new is starting to happen now.


I was hesitant to release this message, but after reading it a few times and thinking it through, this doesn't seem to be just a coincidence. I always wondered about Michael's true past and identity, and why he could see the truth so clearly. I had the chance to meet him before he passed away a few months ago, and there was always mystery about his past. He told a lot of stories, but always made it clear to me that he would never tell anyone about his true past. So naturally, this message intrigued me.


I'm not sure who 'Elijah' is, but Michael mentioned the name to me before. I vaguely remember him saying that Elijah was someone he met while living on the road. I have been trying to investigate, and I wrote a few emails to Elijah asking for evidence and for more information, but he keeps replying with "More will be revealed..."


Nonetheless, I feel compelled to share this message. Everyday, more dots connect when I think about it, and I don't want to wait another day to withhold this from the public. Could this be the start of something major?


I suppose that the details don't matter at this point, because New Order World is based on the truth revealed in The Present anyway, so this just makes it even more real and powerful. Let us work together to investigate and spread this message. I will keep you updated if we receive anymore information.


~ Xavier, Webmaster of www.truthcontest.com and www.neworderworld.com


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UPDATE 9/8/13 - A video made about this letter by a reader:



UPDATE 1/13/14 - NEW MESSAGE from Elijah



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